Our Early Operating Systems PC with
Soltek SL-52B2 Motherboard and
an Intel Pentium-S 100MHz CPU;
Peripherals: 5.25 & 3.5-inch Floppy Drives
from our First PC (an i486 with MS-DOS 5.0[1])

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View of this PC's Soltek SL-52B2 Motherboard, with a 100 MHz Intel Pentium-S CPU installed. Click on picutre to see details, such as the Award BIOS label on a large 32-pin EPROM chip in a DIP socket; so you could physically replace the BIOS chip.



Note the orignal-IBM-style KEYBOARD SOCKET at the rear. The SERIAL PORT to the right could be used for a Serial Mouse.

Two of this board's advanced (at the time) PCI slots are filled with a 15-pin Video Card and a Realtek NA2632RS 10/100 Ethernet (LAN) Card.



Top Drive: 5 - 1/4 inch Diskette Drive which is quite capable of reading 1200 KB (double-sided, high density, 15 Sectors/Track, 80-Sector) diskettes. Yet, backwards compatible for even the original IBM PC DOS 1.00, 160 KB diskette!

Bottom Drive: 3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive capable of reading the latest (for its time) 1440 KB (double-sided, normal high density, 18 Sectors/Track, 80 Tracks) diskette. But it's still capable of reading a floppy formatted as only a single-sided, 8 SPT, 40-Track, 160 KB diskette!




1[Return to Text]  During a long move of our residence, we lost our first PC's motherboard which had an Intel i486 CPU, but this PC case with its original 5-1/4 inch and 3.5-inch floppy drives and additional components is the shell of our first PC. The Soltek motherboard was installed later.

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