The 216 "Safety" Colors in Hexadecimal Notation

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Hex: 000000 Hex: 000033 Hex: 000066 Hex: 000099 Hex: 0000CC Hex: 0000FF
Hex: 003300 Hex: 003333 Hex: 003366 Hex: 003399 Hex: 0033CC Hex: 0033FF
Hex: 006600 Hex: 006633 Hex: 006666 Hex: 006699 Hex: 0066CC Hex: 0066FF
Hex: 009900 Hex: 009933 Hex: 009966 Hex: 009999 Hex: 0099CC Hex: 0099FF
Hex: 00CC00 Hex: 00CC33 Hex: 00CC66 Hex: 00CC99 Hex: 00CCCC Hex: 00CCFF
Hex: 00FF00 Hex: 00FF33 Hex: 00FF66 Hex: 00FF99 Hex: 00FFCC Hex: 00FFFF
Hex: 330000 Hex: 330033 Hex: 330066 Hex: 330099 Hex: 3300CC Hex: 3300FF
Hex: 333300 Hex: 333333 Hex: 333366 Hex: 333399 Hex: 3333CC Hex: 3333FF
Hex: 336600 Hex: 336633 Hex: 336666 Hex: 336699 Hex: 3366CC Hex: 3366FF
Hex: 339900 Hex: 339933 Hex: 339966 Hex: 339999 Hex: 3399CC Hex: 3399FF
Hex: 33CC00 Hex: 33CC33 Hex: 33CC66 Hex: 33CC99 Hex: 33CCCC Hex: 33CCFF
Hex: 33FF00 Hex: 33FF33 Hex: 33FF66 Hex: 33FF99 Hex: 33FFCC Hex: 33FFFF
Hex: 660000 Hex: 660033 Hex: 660066 Hex: 660099 Hex: 6600CC Hex: 6600FF
Hex: 663300 Hex: 663333 Hex: 663366 Hex: 663399 Hex: 6633CC Hex: 6633FF
Hex: 666600 Hex: 666633 Hex: 666666 Hex: 666699 Hex: 6666CC Hex: 6666FF
Hex: 669900 Hex: 669933 Hex: 669966 Hex: 669999 Hex: 6699CC Hex: 6699FF
Hex: 66CC00 Hex: 66CC33 Hex: 66CC66 Hex: 66CC99 Hex: 66CCCC Hex: 66CCFF
Hex: 66FF00 Hex: 66FF33 Hex: 66FF66 Hex: 66FF99 Hex: 66FFCC Hex: 66FFFF
Hex: 990000 Hex: 990033 Hex: 990066 Hex: 990099 Hex: 9900CC Hex: 9900FF
Hex: 993300 Hex: 993333 Hex: 993366 Hex: 993399 Hex: 9933CC Hex: 9933FF
Hex: 996600 Hex: 996633 Hex: 996666 Hex: 996699 Hex: 9966CC Hex: 9966FF
Hex: 999900 Hex: 999933 Hex: 999966 Hex: 999999 Hex: 9999CC Hex: 9999FF
Hex: 99CC00 Hex: 99CC33 Hex: 99CC66 Hex: 99CC99 Hex: 99CCCC Hex: 99CCFF
Hex: 99FF00 Hex: 99FF33 Hex: 99FF66 Hex: 99FF99 Hex: 99FFCC Hex: 99FFFF
Hex: CC0000 Hex: CC0033 Hex: CC0066 Hex: CC0099 Hex: CC00CC Hex: CC00FF
Hex: CC3300 Hex: CC3333 Hex: CC3366 Hex: CC3399 Hex: CC33CC Hex: CC33FF
Hex: CC6600 Hex: CC6633 Hex: CC6666 Hex: CC6699 Hex: CC66CC Hex: CC66FF
Hex: CC9900 Hex: CC9933 Hex: CC9966 Hex: CC9999 Hex: CC99CC Hex: CC99FF
Hex: CCCC00 Hex: CCCC33 Hex: CCCC66 Hex: CCCC99 Hex: CCCCCC Hex: CCCCFF
Hex: CCFF00 Hex: CCFF33 Hex: CCFF66 Hex: CCFF99 Hex: CCFFCC Hex: CCFFFF
Hex: FF0000 Hex: FF0033 Hex: FF0066 Hex: FF0099 Hex: FF00CC Hex: FF00FF
Hex: FF3300 Hex: FF3333 Hex: FF3366 Hex: FF3399 Hex: FF33CC Hex: FF33FF
Hex: FF6600 Hex: FF6633 Hex: FF6666 Hex: FF6699 Hex: FF66CC Hex: FF66FF
Hex: FF9900 Hex: FF9933 Hex: FF9966 Hex: FF9999 Hex: FF99CC Hex: FF99FF
Hex: FFCC00 Hex: FFCC33 Hex: FFCC66 Hex: FFCC99 Hex: FFCCCC Hex: FFCCFF
Hex: FFFF00 Hex: FFFF33 Hex: FFFF66 Hex: FFFF99 Hex: FFFFCC Hex: FFFFFF


Created by The Starman 14 SEP 1999

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