MS-Windows™ from Assembly?
Yes . . .
Use MASM32 Assembly Programming!


For those who visit my pages regularly, I just wanted to let you know that it's possible to use Assembly language to program Microsoft® Windows™ programs!

Here are some examples that I've only just started working on:

1) A simple Message Box: (with source code; most of it is in the RadASM screenshot below!)

2) A twist on the classic DOS "Hello" program; now it's for Windows™: Although there's not much to it, you'll find an icon and all the usual Windows "Properties" (from the right-click menu in Explorer), and here's the info that many programming utilities will find:

More to follow...

Important Links :

If you are just starting out in Windows™ programming (or Assembly), you should check out the new (online) book by Randall Hyde "Windows Programming in Assembly".   ( Randy is famous for his first online work:  The Art of Assembly or just “AoA” as many call it; which has recently been revised; there's even a Linux edition now! )   He has many new web pages at his site dealing with Assembly under Linux if you'd like to learn programming for that OS!

Masm32 - A complete package for programming Windows™ using its API code and Assembly language. This uses Microsoft's® Assembler program MASM (included), but gets its usefulness from a number of macros, include and library files and examples which a team of people have worked on. This is not for beginners as Hutch says, but there is a forum for intermediate users to get help and discuss what they're working on.

RadASM [New link provided by a reader. This page also contains links to other important Win32 resources!] - An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for using Masm32 even more effectively. Very cool. Lots of flexibility; for sure, because it can also work with TASM (Borland's Turbo Assembler), MASM, even NASM (a free Assembler) and many other  Assembly platforms! Randall Hyde's new WPA book already has a chapter on how to use this wonderful tool (and plans on adding a lot more). Here's a screenshot with my simple MessageBox code in the Code editor:

The RadASM download package comes with a number of examples that you can load straightaway as completed projects ready to assemble, build and/or run while learning how to use it.

Iczelion's new Home Page -- has the most complete set of Tutorials for guiding a beginner through the necessary steps; they will help you create your own Windows programs with MASM32.

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