Reviewing a Lifetime
(A Psychotherapist's Nightmare)
by John D. Sedory

Copyright©2013 by Daniel B. Sedory, Editor. All Rights Reserved.

Appendix: 1930

Containing National Census Data for the
George (1869) SEDORY Families in 1930


In Stickney:

    On April 5th, 1930, an enumerator for the FIFTEENTH CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES listed John (33) and Mary (26) Sedory along with Philip (8), John (7), Marie (5-10/12) and Edward (4-6/12) as living at 4425 Wenonah (Avenue) in the Village of Stickney, Cook County, IL. As expected, we see John was listed (in columns 25 and 26) as a laborer working at a "Brick Yard", that they owned (col. 7) the home they were living in (this only meant they were not renters; they still had mortgage payments!) which was valued at $5000 (col. 8; the two most expensive homes on the block were $8000). It also shows they had a "Radio set" (col. 9). We edited the picture below to show only the author's family (lines 94 through 99) from an original scan by NARA, Publication Number: T626, National Archives Catalog ID: 598030, Record Group: 29, Roll: 0507, "Enumeration District No. 16-2346, Sheet No. 6B".

    Detail from left side of Sheet 6B, showing name of Street (Wenonah) for 4415, 4421 and 4425:


In Streator:

    On April 16, 1930, an enumerator listed Andrew (39) and Anna (36) Novotney along with Viola (14), Phylis (8), Richard (6), Marie (4-3/12) and Robert (11/12), but never recorded a Street or address (Simply marking it with an 'x')! And for the next home he had: George Sedory (61); son-in-law and daughter: Paul (31) and Emma (27) Hritz, and daughter Mary (30) Sedory. These are listed on "Sheet 7A" of "Enumeration District No. 53-40" of the unincorporated "Vermilion City" in "Reading Township" of "Livingston" County, IL. A "Radio set" is listed next to Paul Hritz. Both homes were listed as owned (with values of $4000 and $3000). It also states that George immigrated to the United States From Czechoslovakia in 1888, spoke Slovak there but could speak English.

    On April 8, 1930, enumerator Leo L. Liftak listed Andrew (50) and Mary (46) Vagasky along with Elizabeth (21) and Thomas (14) as living at 816 Jackson Street of "Streator City", Ward 7 ("Bruce Township") in "LaSalle" County, IL on Sheets 10B and 11A of "Enumeration District No. 50-13.


In Chicago:

    On April 17th, 1930, enumerator Mrs. Mae Sykora listed George (25) and Sue (25) Newby along with borders Margaret (21) Sedory and Evelyn (18) Novotney as living in a multi-family dwelling at 2753 So. Tripp Ave. of Chicago, 23rd Ward, Block 196, 28th Precinct of Cook County, IL on Sheet 18A of "Enumeration District No. 16-852". Sue and Margaret were both seamstresses at a clothing co., but Evelyn did factory work at Western Electric Co.; George was a maintainance man at a furniture co.