Reviewing a Lifetime
(A Psychotherapist's Nightmare)
by John D. Sedory

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Appendix E

Articles from the
Southtown Economist
concerning the Beating and
Death of Emily Wnuk




Girl, 20, Is Victim Of Beating

Police Say They are Studying New Clues in the Murder of Emily Wnuk, Assaulted in Park.

  New City police yesterday said they were studying new clues they had uncovered in the fatal beating early Sunday morning in Gage park of 20-year-old Emily Wnuk, 2438 W. 48th St., and the wounding of her companion. George Fennessy, 1620 S. Harding ave.
  The police spoke of the new clues after lie detector tests given yesterday to Obie Bradford, 5305 La Salle St., Negro, whose war plant identification badge was found near the scene of the fatal attack, and his brother-in-law, James Coward 42 W. 52nd st., cleared them of complicity in the case. The authorities declined to describe the new data on which they were basing their investigation.
  Miss Wnuk died Monday morning in Southtown hospital without regaining consciousness. The back of her skull nad been crushed. Fennessy is still in a critical condition at the hospital. An inquest into Miss Wnuk's death, opened yesterday, was continued to October 19. Meanwhile, it was disclosed that Fennessy is married.

Near Park's Lily Pond.

  Fennessy told police he and Miss Wnuk met at 8:30 o'clock Saturday night and attended a movie at 1608 W. Garfield Blvd. Around midnight, Fennessy said, he bought sandwiches, "cokes" and some rum in an establishment at 55th St. and California ave. Then, he continued, they purchased newspapers and took a bus to Gage park where they sat on the newspapers near a lily pond and ate the sandwiches while Miss Wnuk drank the cokes and Fennessy drank some of the rum. After that they fell asleep, Fennessy said, and he could recall nothing more.
  At 10 a.m. Sunday four boys found him dazed and incoherent, with a deep gash on his head and cuts on his body, attempting to arouse his companion. The girl was unconscious and her head was badly battered. The boys notified a watchman at a near-by war plant who summoned New City police.

Watches, Money Stolen.

  Wrist watches were missing from both the girl and Fennessy, was most of the money that had been in Fennessy's wallet. The girl's purse has not been found.
  Miss Wnuk's sister told police she thought the young woman had had a date with a girlfriend Saturday night.
  After a war plant identification badge belonging to Obie Bradford was found in the park near the lily pond Sunday, the questioning of Bradford began. He told police that he and his wife and daughter had attended a movie Saturday night and that he had returned home about midnight. Neighbors of the Bradfords corroborated his statements. Bradford explained that his identification badge had been lost four months ago. Yesterday police said that lie detector tests indicated that Bradford was telling the truth.

Girl's Funeral Tomorrow.

  James Coward, 42 W. 52nd st., brother-in-law of Bradford, was also questioned after police found he shares a locker with Bradford in the factory where both are employed. Coward denied he had ever possessed Bradford's identification badge.
  Funeral services for Miss Wnuk will be held tomorrow at St. Rose of Lima church. 48th st. and Ashland ave. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery.
  Surviving the girl are Lottie, her mother, Matthew, her father; a brother, Howard, and three sisters, Mrs. Joseph War[e]hol, Mrs. John Fiedler and Mrs. Christine Torecki.




A Southtown Economist reporter points to the spot beside the empty lily pond in Gage park where Emily Wnuk, 20 years old, 2438 W. 48th st., and her escort, George Fennessy, 29, 1620 Harding ave., were brutally beaten sometime early Sunday morning. Miss Wnuk died at 9:[3]5 a.m. Monday after the couple were taken to Southtown hospital.



Shown at an inquest opened yesterday into the death of Miss Wnuk are her two sisters, Mrs. Joseph War[c]hol, 2438 W. 48th st. left, with whom she lived, and Mrs. John Fiedler, 5152 Artesian ave.




Probe Fails To Uncover Girl's Killer

Jury Finds Emily Wnuk Was Slain By Person or Persons Unknown After Friend Testifies.

  A coroner's jury Thursday ended its inquest into the slaying September 10 in Gage park of 20-year-old Emily Wnuk, 2438 W. 43th st., returning a verdict of murder at the hands of a person or persons unknown.
  Highlight of the second and final session of the probe, which was conducted in the New City police station, was the first appearance on the witness stand of George Fennessy, 1620 S. Harding ave., companion of the girl on the night of the killing and who was seriously injured by the same assailant. Fennessy, recently was released from Southtown hospital where he was taken to recover from his injuries.
  Under questioning by Deputy Coroner Christopher J. McGarigle, he told and retold his sketchy recollection of the evening prior to the killing and of his actions upon his return to consciousness the next morning.

Tells of Visit to Park.

  He had met Miss Wnuk, with whom he had been keeping company for nine months, at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, September 9, he said. Together they attended a movie at 1608 W. Garfield blvd. and afterwards dropped into a hamburger shop at 55th st. and California ave. where he bought sandwiches, soft drinks and a bottle of rum. Getting some newspapers, they then took a bus to Gage park where they sat down near the empty lily pond, an open spot, and ate the sandwiches.
  Miss Wnuk drank the soft drinks, Fennessy said, while he had several drinks of rum.
  The next thing he knew he awoke and discovered he was "all sticky" with blood. Then he passed out again and, on regaining consciousness, found he was talking to a park policeman and telling him his identity.
  Miss Wnuk has been killed by blows on the back of her head; her skull had been crushed. Fennessy had been struck thrice, a long gash having been cut in his scalp each time.

Saw Other Couples.

  He had noticed two couples strolling around when he and Miss Wnuk entered the park the night before he said, but had no knowledge of any assailant, except that he denied that anyone could have crept up behind him and hit him if he'd been awake.
  "Were you drunk?" Deputy Coroner McGarigle asked.
  "No sir, I was not!" he emphaticaily replied.
  Miss Wnuk died in Southtown hospital Monday morning, September 11. Her purse and wristwatch disappeared at the time of the killing. Fennessy's wristwatch and five of the seven dollars in his wallet also were also gone, he testified.
  Deputy Coroner McGarigle submitted the case to the jury with instructions to the New City police to continue their investigation.