Reviewing a Lifetime
(A Psychotherapist's Nightmare)
by John D. Sedory

Copyright©2013 by Daniel B. Sedory, Editor. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
(By the author; about 1993.)


    Having begun storing data for this book when he was 66 years of age; before completion, he experienced his 68th birthday. His marriage is now well into its 45th year.

    Several years back he and his wife took into their household his wife's mother who has since passed away. Though she was 87 at the time of her death, it came as a shock because of how well she had been just a couple days before.

    In rereading the text the author concluded that the reader, young or old, can find something of interest in the book. If older and from his era, or from a background similar to his, the incidents listed may bring back memories of such a reader's past. If younger and from another and more recent era, the reader can find interest from seeing what life in "those days" was like, comparing them with his own.

    The context of the written material includes a great deal of apology by the author for his forgetfulness, lack of recollection, uncertainty of exactness of dates and events, for inadequate vocabulary, trite expressions and clichés used, and his general lack of mastery of the English Language (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.). His total formal educational background is limited to a G.E.D. for a high school diploma, and he additionally spent a number of years collecting an occasional few college credits in night school classes and correspondence courses, falling just short of a year's college credits.

    For those who had at one time considered writing their own book, the author wishes to encourage you to pursue that course and to renew interests once held but laid aside. His premise on which to encourage is based on his limitations; yet this book stands as proof that "If I can do it, anyone can!"

    The author concedes that in his writings much negativeness will be found. But he concludes with this statement: "Readers, allow me to assure you that my life with all its sin and shortcomings has been worth it all because of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ who planted and nurtured the seed of faith within me!"

If you skip about in your reading, PLEASE make it a MUST to read the EPILOGUE before closing out your reading!