Reviewing a Lifetime
(A Psychotherapist's Nightmare)
by John D. Sedory

Copyright©2014 by Daniel B. Sedory, Editor. All Rights Reserved.

Preface (by the Editor)


    If you haven't guessed, this work is dedicated to our loving parents, John and Eleanor Sedory, both of whom passed away early this year (2013); only a few days apart (March 29th and April 2nd).

    We have assumed our father would have wished for all spelling and immediately obvious grammatical errors to be corrected (apart from words purposely misspelled or used in a way to express the cultural times being described, or for emphasis). So we have made every effort to correct such errors. He would have also desired any words concerning his own difficulties with English grammar be pointed out, in order to be helpful in teaching others; having himself devoted all of chapter 8 to such difficulties.

    Of course, the author's main reason for writing this book was to encourage others to avoid his mistakes and consider the claims of Jesus Christ, hoping that the Spirit might use something he'd written to bring others into a committed relationship with God.

    We have also decided to add to his work by including PICTURES of people and various locations the author mentions as well as additional information in footnotes about the events he witnessed, such as the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, WWII battles and islands in the Pacific, what an aircraft 'magneto' does, and so forth. In addition, all of the section titles (and outline links at the beginning of most, if not all, of the chapters) were added by this editor. If you have a more 'witty' and brief title for any section, we'll certainly consider changing it.

    If you find any errors in this work; especially historical inaccuracies, or important supplemental information, please email us so we can correct them or add that material.