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MD5 Checksums are available here!

Note: The files on this page contain only the decimal places of Pi, not the whole number 3, and there are no spaces between any of the digits! ( This is the best format to use when doing comparisons or checking the results of a calculation. )

 These files are very accurate: The result of digital comparisons (using the DOS "File Compare" command) on different files assembled from many separate and reliable sources ¹.

Note: In order to view and manipulate Pi files that are beyond the size limits of Windows 9.x/Me's NOTEPAD (any file here that is larger than 50,000 places), I highly recommend using the FREE EDITOR TheGUN (Grown Up Notepad). You can obtain The GUN (and/or read more about it) right here at The Starman's Free Tools Page (opens in a new window).

1,000 to 1,250,000 Decimal Places of

PKUNZIP (R)    FAST!    Extract Utility    Version 2.04g  02-01-93
Copr. 1989-1993 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shareware Version
PKUNZIP Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off.

 Length  Method   Size  Ratio   Date    Time    CRC-32  Attr  Name
 ------  ------   ----- -----   ----    ----   -------- ----  ----
1000002  DeflatN 471104  53%  11-10-98  11:10  ff2ef54d --r-  PI1MILDS.TXT
 ------          ------  ---                                  -------
1000002          471104  53%                                        1
Here are all of the π Files available for downloading now ! File Name
(CLICK to start D/L)
Compressed File Size
Extracted File Sizes (Bytes) CRC-32 Checksum
1,000 Decimal Places of π
5,000 Decimal Places of π
10,000 Decimal Places of π
25,000 Decimal Places of π
PimultDP.Zip 21,066 1,002
c 2 d 5 9 2 3 4
5 9 7 e d 5 d 3
e 9 8 0 9 4 8 4
d c 5 9 7 9 0 d
50, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi50K_DP.Zip 24,768 50,002 c 3 d 4 6 1 0 a
75, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi75K_DP.Zip 36,325 75,002 8 7 9 8 6 0 a 7
100, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi100KDP.Zip 48,461 100,002 f 5 9 c b 2 3 f
250, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi250KDP.Zip 118,943 250,002 f 9 6 8 2 1 3 a
500, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi500KDP.Zip 236,373 500,002 f 0 5 d 2 0 f 7
1, 000, 000 Decimal Places of π 471,226 1,000,002 f f 2 e f 5 4 d
1, 250, 000 Decimal Places of π Pi125MDP.Zip 588,695 1,250,002 3 8 6 b 1 4 3 4
Larger? Click here for Pi MD5 Sums text file

MD5 Checksums for Various Lengths of

Note that each Pi file in the table above will have two extra bytes at the end: A 0D hex and a 0A hex (Carriage Return and Line Feed characters; in that order!). Linux or UNIX systems normally add only one extra byte (the 0A hex byte) per line return, but 0D hex bytes could still be present in any file you downloaded; check to see if there's only one extra byte, if so, then you'll know the file is in UNIX-style. Most *nix systems have a Unix to DOS file conversion utility you can use to add a 0D hex byte before the 0A hex byte if necessary.

The best solution for checking any of your own calculated Pi files though is to remove any of these line return characters with a Hex editor, and then test them against the "Pure ASCII Pi MD5 sums" in the next Table!

Decimal Places of π (Pi) MD5 sums of Pi's Decimal Digits plus two
extra bytes: 0D and 0A Hex (in that order)
1,000 Decimal Places of π d9bbb4d55401444806f249f0d4225cd1 *PI_1K_DP.TXT
5,000 Decimal Places of π 94c4bf23696c06e4e1a1058bb55ccf3d *PI_5K_DP.TXT
10,000 Decimal Places of π 16fab7c443410af5972692bb1371f22b *PI10K_DP.TXT
25,000 Decimal Places of π 1115414b57cbb8c5086792140b7e840a *PI25K_DP.TXT
50, 000 Decimal Places of π ffbc78823b30ec1939b7249a7dc6a289 *PI50K_DP.TXT
75, 000 Decimal Places of π 273843d281b8465ceca5b9ad5052020f *PI75K_DP.TXT
100, 000 Decimal Places of π 137a4f65a9a1476135f2256fa5b3575c *PI100KDP.TXT
250, 000 Decimal Places of π 91b6012532f34df36a0a1382409f9ed2 *PI250KDP.TXT
500, 000 Decimal Places of π 263536dadd2c871e306607db42c314af *PI500KDP.TXT
1, 000, 000 Decimal Places of π f025b289e52e524af95699a2d779289f *PI1MILDS.TXT
1, 250, 000 Decimal Places of π 4cb155c5009d7a8e6fb258fde70c7c59 *PI125MDP.TXT
 Click here:
Pi MD5 Sums text file

Pure ASCII Decimal Digit MD5 Sums

This is a table of MD5 sums for files containing nothing but the ASCII representation (one byte for each decimal digit) of the noted number of Decimal Places of Pi; that is, when there are no carriage return (0Dh) or  line feed (0Ah) characters anywhere in the file!

Decimal Places of π ( Pi ) MD5 sums of ONLY the ASCII representation
of these Decimal Digits of Pi; nothing extra!
1,000 Decimal Places of π 5398eb229b2f9b4cdc42681c110707bb
5,000 Decimal Places of π e1de0b54b87e3dcc846be7489edbdb8f
10,000 Decimal Places of π 88d4eda38e94791ab2548d8463144a09
25,000 Decimal Places of π bf05c64c9a502faf379d52f8bd2a28b7
50, 000 Decimal Places of π b2a057082a245a0a41817f614d95921e
75, 000 Decimal Places of π 053ae94c6d9c00167cd21bd05ebbd3f2
100, 000 Decimal Places of π de18e0d8fef70b8f925cb2392c53f145
250, 000 Decimal Places of π 2652a763aa10928ba1a3d2e9461e5e95
500, 000 Decimal Places of π 59de28f2ce1b2e4a95576e977da64c3e
1, 000, 000 Decimal Places of π e668904c195521a2a2dfef948ac54c8e
1, 250, 000 Decimal Places of π ae9895e9412261110de76325e0552a4f

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 ¹ A Listing of the sources (with comments):

  The files "pi50milaa.txt, pi50milab.txt, pi50milac.txt, etc. through pi50milbx.txt" (for a total of 50 files) are each comprised of 1 million decimal digits of π, for a combined total of 50 million decimal places! The first file begins with "3." but differences in the file lengths (explained by inconsistent placement of spaces and carriage returns) mask the fact that it is two bytes longer than the others. All 50 files, plus many related to other types of constants, may be found at (sorry, the Pi data files no longer appear to be available on this server): [ This website is owned by the CECM (Centre for Experimental & Constructive Mathematics, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Mountain Campus, Burnaby, B.C., CANADA). However, the data may have come directly from Yasumasa Kanada, a Professor in the Dept. of Mathematics at the University of Tokyo, as suggested by a note at the bottom of the CECM's page at: It appears that none of the large Pi files are available anymore!]

 (B)  There is an old (Jan 1, 1993) and often listed file, "pimil10.txt," which has been disseminated by the "Project Gutenberg Association / Illinois Benedictine College." This file holds 1,250,000 digits of π. The file itself (1.4 Mb) can be downloaded from: (link is broken now!).
   Or, you can read these Notes from the Forward to the file "pimil10.txt" here to understand what the file contains.
   Project Gutenburg is an ongoing project to digitize classical texts (those now out of copyright) to make them freely available on the Internet. It now has its own Web site at: (Visit them sometime.)

 (C)  Webpage: "- Multiple digits of Pi -" by Mitsuru Aoki. We used his 5, 000, 000 decimal-place file (Gzip-compressed to 2.7 MB) from his page at: (link is broken now) as part of our verification process here. He also has 10-Million Decimal-Place "chunks" of π (all the way through to the 400-Millionth segment!) available for download from this same page. (The server site is part of the "High Energy Physics Lab at the University of Nagoya, Japan.)

 (D) Two files from the Computer Centre of the University of Tokyo, Japan, were also used in our comparisons. Their FTP server makes the first 200 million digits available to all anonymous users. We used the first two files of a 10 million digit figure (split into ten parts): "pi10m.ascii.01of10.Z" (the first 1,000,000 digits) and "pi10m.ascii.02of10.Z" (the second million). These were found in their directory at: (link is broken now). (The larger files are stored in other directories at this site.) Comments on their pages read in part: "In this server, only the digits after '.' of pi are stored. For example, in the case of pi, '3.' is not included and the digits sequence is 141592...."

(E)  The files were also checked against the output from some well-known pi programs for Windows: the Super_Pi program (Ver. 1.1e; 23 SEP 1995 -- only 72KB) by Kanada Lab at the University of Tokyo, and more recently an even faster program called pi_FFTc5 (3 NOV 1999) which displays "Calculation of PI using FFT and AGM, ver. LG1.1.2-MP1.5.2a.memsave" when executed.

(F)  "Still Expanding!" Whenever I've had the chance to compare a file somewhere on the Net, I've done so... This is what led me to finally post a separate web page about the error in a file at UCLA.

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