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Desktop Icon ( Position ) Manager
v. 2.0a

      ©1996,1997 by Micah Leiff Nutt      

The Desktop Icon Manager allows the user to save and restore the positions of their Desktop icons.

NOTE: I am now recommending that you use IconSaver by Mario Knok (You can download that program from my Free Tools page!) rather than Icon Manager! But this program still has a couple nice features if you want to get BOTH of them... Download this FREE program right now from The Starman:

Desktop Icon Manager (Version 2.0) [ 25 kb .zip file]
( Includes PGP-signed files from The Starman )

The "readme" file: Icon Manager Text file.

"The Desktop Icon Manager Version 2.0 is free for you to use but it is not public domain. You are at liberty to distribute the Desktop Icon Manager as long as you distribute it in its original unmodified form along with this text file."
-- Micah L. Nutt©1997.

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