How to Use a Windows 7 Install DVD to Check/Read/Copy Files on your PC Drive

The following steps will take you to a window from which you can attempt to execute utility programs to help check for files in whatever file system can be found and to check your boot drive's MBR (Master Boot Record) sector and following sectors or the VBR (Volume Boot Record) and other sectors. It can also be used to copy the data from those sectors to a file on a USB or other drive for further analysis (you can then email us the files). Or, to simply back-up your MBR, VBR, etc. sectors for later use or comparison.

This is also a convenient way to look for any Boot Virus in your MBR (first sector on a disk drive) or VBR and other sectors when you do not have a bootable CD or USB drive available.

Begin by making sure the PC will boot-up from your DVD, then proceed as shown here:

Pick your own language and keyboard settings, then CLICK on "Next"

CLICK on "Repair your computer"

DVD's System Recovery will search for Windows installations:

When it stops, SELECT "Use recovery tools..."

Then CLICK on "Next >"

And CLICK on "Command Prompt" :

Enter notepad at the Command Prompt:

When Notepad pops up, CLICK on "File" then "Open" :

At this point, if you have not yet done so, insert a USB drive that contains whatever utility program(s) you wish to try to run.
We have tested and know the HxD Disk Editor will run from and save files to a USB drive.

Change file type to: "All Files" and CLICK on "Computer" :

If no USB drive, look for programs on 'Local Disk (C:)' to run:

Here we open HxD from our USB drive
(RIGHT CLICK on a program and select "Run as administrator"):

NOTE: This will not work for all programs!
But it does for HxD, Calculator and even Process Explorer!
(What does, what doesn't? Let us know.)

Opening a Hard Disk drive in HxD:

You could close Notepad now and use only the program.
Do not close the black Command Prompt window.
You could also study how to use other command-line tools, such as
chkdsk (Enter: chkdsk /? for help, but do not use the '/r' parameter
unless you're absolutely sure you should!), diskpart and many others.

Here's a pic of a disk drive's MBR sector in HxD:


First Published: May 18, 2015 (18.05.2015)
Last Update: May 22, 2015. (22.05.2015)

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