Reviewing a Lifetime!
(A Psychotherapist's Nightmare)
[An Autobiography]

by John D. Sedory
(1923 - 2013)
Copyright©2014 by Daniel B. Sedory, Editor. All Rights Reserved.
The life of an average guy, who grew up in and around Chicago during the Depression, fought
as a sailor in WWII and used the freedom he'd fought for trying his hand at being a pilot,
salesman (cars, auto parts, air freight, real estate) and department store security manager
(among many other career changes) while doing the best he could to raise his family.

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  Table of Contents
Preface by the Editor
About the Author


1. Beginnings
A. Stickney, Cummings and the SDC
2. First Recollections
3. Short-Term Change in Lifestyle
4. The Crash of '29
5. The Two-Room School and Related Stories
6. Events Outside of School
7. Odds and Ends
8. An English Dis-Lesson
9. Folks, their Folks, Families
10. The Creature Kingdom
11. Games and Pastimes
12. Modes of Transportation
13. School Days, Play Time
14. Elementary School, Upper Grades
15. High School and a Stint in the CCC
16. Joining the Work Force
17. I'm in the U.S. Navy
18. Pacific Duty
19. More Specifics On Board Ship
20. A Major Task Force Forms
21. Mopping Up, and a New Life is Near
22. Settling into Old Things, Some New
23. A New Life
24. A Station Agent in Utah
25. Back in Illinois
26. Job Changes
27. Things Won't Be the Same Again
28. (Part 1) Backing Up
28. (Part 2) Catching Up
29. More Changes Coming Up
30. A New Format
< HREF="31.htm">31. California, Here We Are!
< HREF="32.htm">32. From California to Florida
< HREF="33.htm">33. The Gypsies Settle Back in California
< HREF="34.htm">34. We Leave the San Fernando Valley
35A. Retirement, Leaving Orange County
35B. Living in the High Desert (Cont.)
36. It Ain't Over Till It's Over


Appendix 1920  1920 Census Data
Appendix 1930  1930 Census Data
Appendix A  
(Will contain pictures from author's CCC camp.)
Appendix B  
(Will contain pictures of author's Boot Camp graduating class.)
Appendix C  
(Will contain pictures of USS Crouter crew, 1945.)
Appendix D   (Philip A. Sedory, WWII Army Vet)
Appendix D-1   (Phil's Memoir as a POW)
Appendix D-2   (Cont.; Libertion of Stalag-7A)
Appendix D-3   (Cont.; Leaving Europe)
Appendix E   (Murder Mystery, 1944)
Appendix F   (MacArthur School Reunion, 1967)

Appendix H   (History of the USS Crouter)

Appendix M   (Lot Number Map, Searching the SDC Proceedings Effectively and Quotes)

Literature Index