An Accurate¹ Listing of π
   to 50,000 Decimal Places

The first 833 lines consist of 60 digits each giving us a total of
49,980 decimal places of π. The 834th line contains the last 20
. Every line is separated into 10-digit groups by spaces.

[ If you're interested in a file containing nothing but the digits of PI
(minus the '3.') from 1,000 to 1,250,000 Decimal Places, you can
download ZIP-compressed files of PI here.]

The next four digits following the 50,000th decimal place (a one) are:
3, 0, 0, and 9.

¹ Accuracy was determined by a computerized comparison of various sources with over 1,000,000 decimal places from each source.
Here's a handy tool which you can use to quickly check the accuracy of the last few digits in a PI file: The PI-Search Page. Simply enter a string of about 20 digits (starting a few digits back from the last one in the file you're checking!), and it will display those digits plus quite a few more on its Results page!
For example, if you enter the digits 13009 (I already know my file is accurate!), the Results page will output the digits:

91052290024657423604 13009 36918892558657846684
( It would sure be nice if Dave could update his program to allow us to enter a 'deciaml-place value' without knowing any of the digits ahead of time! )

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